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Microsoft Build 2021, the giant is also planning its “What’s Next” gaming program

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Microsoft recently announced the dates for its main annual meeting, Microsoft Build 2021. It will take place May 25-27. Due to the global health situation, it will once again become completely immaterial.

At the moment we do not have the specified program. It is clear that Microsoft has not yet shared information on this topic. In parallel, the mini-meetings called “What Next” will be on the program. The idea is to provide an overview of what is planned in different areas.

One of the first events should focus on video games. We don’t know exactly what the giant will do. If new hardware is unlikely to be in addition to the official game presentations, Redmond should focus on improvements around the game. This could relate to software, services, and the future of video games in general via its Xbox subsidiary.

What’s next, Windows 10 will likely be in the spotlight

The “What’s Next” mini event for Windows 10 is also being studied. The news about it is quite crowded. Just continue to deploy several builds through the Windows Insider Program. Redmond is bringing in a lot so that it is possible to see an overview of the major improvements.

The main goal by the end of the year is to take off 21H2 Scheduled for next fall. This release will introduce many new features after a year of waiting. In fact, Windows 10 20H2 and 21H1 are small updates that deliver improvements that are essentially “under the hood”. To return to 21H2, major improvements in terms of functionality and user interface are expected. The changes will affect some basic aspects of the desktop such as the taskbar and the Start menu.

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