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Microsoft Edge 91 will put your tabs on standby to better enhance your browsing process

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On the occasion of its Microsoft Build developer conference on Tuesday, the American company made a noticeable mention of the upcoming developments of the Edge browser, which has returned to the scent of holiness. Version 91 promises to be the “most efficient” on Windows 10 thanks to small and simple innovations.

After popularizing the installation of the new version of Edge (under Chromium), Microsoft is preparing to remove the old version

After popularizing the installation of the new version of Edge (under Chromium), Microsoft is preparing to remove // ​​old source: Microsoft

More than ever, Microsoft is relaunching the browser race with its new release of Chromium-based Edge. For several months, Redmond has continued to provide its browser with new features and various powerful functions to enhance its image.

Now thisThe Explorer is about to take its last breaths in 2022, Edge is a refreshment. And for that, it must be as effective and necessary as possible. Microsoft simply announced, Tuesday, during its Build conference for developers, that its browser will be “Most Powerful Windows 10 With Microsoft Edge 91 ».

Tabs in enhanced standby and startup mode

Thus, Edge will be enriched with small noticeable improvements to reduce weight on your PC. This particularly includes Tabs in standby mode (Sleep signs). The browser will be able to locate the webpages that you have opened that have not been used for a long time. It will then prevent them from updating to save up to 82% of memory. It’s up to you to decide after how long Edge considers the tab dormant (from 15 minutes to 12 hours of inactivity).

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This will be especially effective for ads that tend to update frequently and take up unnecessary bandwidth if you are not viewing the pages. But it also means that the background tabs won’t be reloaded. Be careful if you’re seeing an update or the opening of a sale …

This new functionality will free up system resources for used tabs or devices with small RAM. And so that the tab opens faster on startup, Microsoft also announces Startup batch This will allow Edge to run faster. All without adding additional resources while browser windows are open, but processes are running in the background.

Math Solver, your math support from Edge

Edge browsing speed, launched in 2015, is a topic particularly close to Microsoft’s heart, which continues to improve tab management and Their organizationBookmarks and other display options to improve performance. Performance mode has appeared.

But Edge 91 has already planned its share of new features including better PDF management, new color themes, or the ability to easily solve equations with Mathematics solver. This post helps students solve problems by explaining their reasons step by step to learn better. Math Solver won’t arrive immediately and is currently only available in Developer, Canary, and Beta releases.

Microsoft Edge 91 is not yet available to the general public and is expected to arrive in the coming weeks.

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