Microsoft is developing technology to include ads in its games

Last summer, Electronic Arts once again angered players by signing a partnership with PlayerWON, a company that specializes in Integration of advertising in video games. In recent months, many publishers have tried it. This was the case with NBA 2K21 or even UFC 3 Ultimate Team where we had the right to advertise pages between two loading screens.

Of course, the players did not appreciate this practice at all, even Electronic Arts was obligated to do so Denying the partnership rumor. Today we learn that Microsoft is developing technology to include advertising in its future games.

Xbox announces

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Xbox is usually the typical student. He is the one who always deals with the players and makes the right decisions. Cross-platform, backward compatibility, smart delivery or reject NFTs. For several years now, Phil Spencer’s teams have been flawless and shown that they listen to players.

But this time we may encounter the first small hole for the American company. In fact, Kotaku got a report that Microsoft is looking into an ad program to allow “certain brands” to purchase ads that will then appear in free Xbox games. However, the US manufacturer specifies in its report that these integrations should not “irritate gamers or disrupt games”.

according to interested in tradeMicrosoft wants to integrate ads as digital billboards into an open-world racing or adventure game. At the moment we don’t know if the ads will be via images only or if they will be videos with audio. However, the launch of this system is scheduled for the third quarter of 2022.

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