Mongolian World Cup Sweden: Back to normal for Kingsbury

Mikael Kingsbury didn’t think about his disappointing performance for long. Kingsbury bounced to sign 67e World Cup victory in his career.

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Kingsbury reclaimed his regular spot on top of the podium on Sunday at Idre Fjall in Sweden, marking the Mughal World Cup in parallel. The “Mongol King” was knocked out of Saturday’s Super Final for the first time in his career thanks to eighth singles, better than Japan’s Ikuma Hiroshima in the final round.

“I gave all the energy I had left after the fifth straight day of racing,” Kingsbury said. I am happy to recover from my result on Saturday. I was disappointed, but not discouraged, especially since I had the opportunity to recover quickly. I didn’t think about my performance on Saturday and went one round at a time. “

And Kingsbury stresses that his performance on Saturday was already behind him when he initially found himself.

He said, “I have turned the page. If I had not been able to forget, I would not have had this result today [dimanche]. You must have failed to recover and I’m glad this poor performance made it to the start of this year’s Olympic season. “

Kingsbury had the opportunity to meet his main rival in the final. Hiroshima won the gold medal on Saturday.

“We push each other and pull each other to make the best version of ourselves,” summed up the author of 67e World Cup winning career. You have to measure yourself against the best to keep moving forward. It’s a very difficult duel. We do the same things and act at the same speed. ”

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Slight delay in start

Despite a strong start on Sunday, Kingsbury was slightly behind the Japanese after the first jump, but turned the tables after the second jump and crossed the finish line with a 0:03 priority.

“After the first jump, he had little progress, but I really maximized the speed the track could give me and Ikuma did the same,” he explained.

“On the bottom jump, that’s where I can get it. I wasn’t sure I would win, but it’s always better when you cross the line first in a duel,” added Kingsbury.

Furthermore, Idre Fjall’s track is not the hard worker’s favorite.

“This is the track I find hardest to win on,” he said. It is a flat track where it is difficult to distinguish. “

“It’s hard to pick up speed from top to bottom. It’s also the easiest track on the track.

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