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Montezuma County families can immerse themselves in science at 'Little Shop of Physics' event – Magazine

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A student participates in the Physics Shop. (Little Physics Shop)

The whole family is invited to a science evening on March 14 at Montezuma Cortez High School; RE-1 Native American Services is hosting this event

RE-1 Native American Services will be hosting a family event for those interested in learning more about science.

The Physics Mini Shop will be held at 5pm on March 14 in the common area of ​​Montezuma-Cortez High School.

The Little Shop of Physics is a branch of Colorado State University.

According to Colorado State University's Little Physics website, the program exists “to find innovative ways to share the wonders of science with people of all ages, backgrounds, and interests.”

Workers and volunteers help provide hands-on science experiences for children of all ages, with projects and materials for students from kindergarteners to high school seniors.

The program involves students and their families in attendance. It also helps provide ideas, insights and other information to current and future teachers who will deal with science.

“The Little Shop of Physics has always been a hands-on program, which is what sets it apart from other science engagement programs. The students are the scientists in The Little Shop of Physics. But we don't just teach science, we know that science is something anyone can do, and that it is an exciting field.” Interesting and accessible to anyone.We believe and prove that anyone, at any age, can understand science at some level.

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The travel program visits schools throughout the state, and even travels to some schools outside of Colorado throughout the year.

The program's science projects are designed to be studied by preschoolers, but still appeal to those with a “more mature scientific mind.”

Projects are usually divided into two categories, some are intended for well-lit places and others are better seen in the dark.

The program costs about $2,000 for one school visit.

The event will include “food, fun and science” for the whole family, and the program is suitable for all ages, according to the press release.

Dinner will also be served to attendees.

The program schedule is currently full for the 2023-24 academic year, but there are still spots available for the 2024-25 academic year. Those with questions about scheduling can contact [email protected].

For additional information, contact Olivia Lansing at [email protected] or 970-565-4196.

For more information about Little Shop of Physics, visit

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