More and more Quebecers are looking for deals

Inflation is driving Quebecers to search for bargains almost everywhere, especially at the grocery store.

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In Quebec, at Escomptes Fortin 2020, there is an increase of nearly 40% in the number of clients.

Although the beginning of the month has always been particularly busy, customers have been more present in recent weeks.

Customers are also increasingly diverse. Usually, there were a lot of students and young families, but now people come from all walks of life to try and save money.

“We feel it. People thank us for the savings they have made, because they can invest their money in other things,” explains Melissa Tessier, Director of Escomptes Fortin 2020.

The store buys surplus stock from large grocery stores and is able to resell it at a lower cost. For example, regular butter, which is often around $8 in grocery stores, sells for $5 at Escomptes Fortin 2020.

There are many other similar stores in Quebec. Verify interactive map Discounted groceries.

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