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Moscow withdraws from the open skies treaty

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(Moscow) Russia announced, on Friday, its withdrawal from the Open Sky Treaty, which verifies military movements and arms control measures for signatory countries, clarifying this in the similar decision of the United States. last year.

France Media

The Russian Foreign Ministry expressed its regret at “the obstacles that prevent the continuation of the treaty work under the current circumstances,” and announced in a press statement, “the start of procedures for the withdrawal of the Russian Federation from the Open Skies Treaty.”

The United States formally withdrew from this international treaty, originally signed by 35 countries and entered into force in 2002, on November 22, 2020.

Since that date, “the balance of the interests of the participating countries […] “It has been largely disrupted, severely damaging its functions, and undermining the role of the Open Skies Treaty as a tool for building confidence and security,” the Russian diplomat said.

Nevertheless, Moscow claims that it did its best to save the treaty, but its “concrete proposals” “did not receive the support of the allies of the United States”.

The Open Skies Treaty gives each signatory “the right to drive and the obligation to accept surveillance flights over its territory,” in order to allow control of its military activities and strategic installations.

Several European countries, including France, Germany, Belgium and Spain, said last year that they regretted the United States’ withdrawal from the treaty, while noting that it shared Washington’s concerns that Moscow did not respect the treaty provisions. Treats.

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