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Nadeau, Fontaine and Aumond make a good impression in Deer Valley

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Nadio and Omond finished fifth in the Grand Final, while Fontaine finished sixth on the day when the three athletes excelled at the start of the competition.

Shendi Wang led China’s sweep of the podium, and Australian Laura Bell flew over the women’s event.

Deer Valley smiles at Nadu

There are more festive places than Utah to celebrate her coming of age, but Emily Nadeau still bought herself a nice festive gift on the eve of her 18th birthday by breaking into the top five at the World Cup for the second time in her career. A year ago, he was in the same spot where he won fourth.

I managed to make my first triple jump at the World Cup and I’m really happy with that! Yesterday (Tuesday) in practice I hurt my ankle and was in pain, so I jumped one less before the competition. I went there for everything and made the biggest jump and it worked really wellProudly supporting the young athlete.

Once in the final, Nadio executed his maneuvers well in the air, but once on the ground, he sprinted forward before falling back on his sled.

Visibility changed and there was a shadow in the landing area and it was not clear. […] Despite that, I’m really happy with what I did, He said.

Another in running

Miha Fontaine started as MVP in the Super Final after dominating the previous round. Even before setting off to the starting point, he already had a sense of duty accomplished.

The last time I tried this, it was at the Noor Am competition, two years ago. There, at the World Cup, it really surprised me. I was at the top and couldn’t believe I was the last to jump! Sportcom backed who celebrated his 18th birthday last week.

I felt like I had already made my day. I have never had the pressure to go last and it will be something to understand next times in order to prepare better.And he added, he’s not at all disappointed not to get a medal after touching the ground with his back when landing on his last jump.

The son of former champion Nicholas Fontaine finished in eighth place last year, and Al-Wada’s son is his second this season. According to his calculations, this allows him to meet the Olympic selection criteria.

However, we will have to wait for the Canadian results of the other free skating disciplines before we know how many places each will be allocated to the Olympic team that will be in Beijing next month.

We’ll wait, but for now, it looks pretty good Fontaine launched.

Personal record for Flavi Omond

Finishing fifth, Flavi Omond achieved the best result of her career in the Singles World Cup, finishing sixth at Relais de Lac-Beauporte, last week.

I knew I could and I did really well in qualifying with my best result ever (90.09). In the final, I missed the start (take off from the springboard), which meant it was less powerful in the air. (This result) really helps us qualify for the Olympics! I have a good chance, except that it is still about the official selection.

In the Grand Final, the Lac-Beauport skater was thrown backwards on touchdown.

In the first final, Justin missed Ali landing from her jump and stumbled forward. Fortunately, the Lac-Supérieur skater did not appear to have been injured and was even able to hail the camera when she was given her rating. She finished the day in eleventh place.

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Victor Primo and Alexander Duchain, 25th and 32nd respectively, stopped out in the men’s qualifying. For her part, Naomi Boudreaux-Gurten ranked 23rd in the women’s side.

The event will resume Thursday at the site of the 2002 Olympic Games with a pole event.

The official announcement of the Olympic free skating team is scheduled for next Sunday.

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