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NASA unveils image of sand dunes at the north pole of Mars

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To celebrate the anniversary of the Orbiter Odyssey, NASA has just shared an unprecedented image of sand dunes near the north pole of Mars.

If the news is confidential, Orbiter Odyssey has just celebrated her 20th birthday. While traveling around Mars, the latter has just submitted new, unpublished photos. Actually, NASA has just released footage of a dune streak carved by the wind across the surface of the Red Planet. But what we can discover today is a very small fraction of this huge landscape, the dune sea is actually the size of Texas. In order to better illustrate this division, NASA used artificial colors to better explain the temperature changes on its surface.

A sea of ​​gorgeous sand dunes on Mars – Credit: NASA

This picture, released last Thursday, dazzles the audience as much as the public’s interest. However, these photos are not recent, as they were actually taken between 2002 and 2004. But to celebrate Odyssey Birthday, NASA wanted to make a big surprise!

Spectacular view

The temperature differences are impressive when we closely analyze the shot. In fact, blue indicates cold while yellow indicates areas pushed by the sun.. Thanks to its thermal imaging technology, Odyssey managed to find traces of water and frost on the surface of the Red Planet. Launched in 2001, the spacecraft continues to unveil precious images of a planet that still fascinates itself. It remains the oldest ship ever launched to conquer Mars, which was recently joined by Ingenuity.

But more pictures must reach us soon. In fact, the Chinese probe Tianwen-1, which recently entered orbit, has begun sharing new high-resolution images.. For now, the probe must determine the best landing point for its rover in order to discover the secrets of Mars. China intends to share in history by first embarking on this kind of conquest.

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This sea of ​​sand becomes an additional curiosity. In fact, we already know that Mars was home to gigantic valleys, volcanoes, and even mountain ranges! But many areas still need to be highlighted. We are talking about caves and caves waiting to be explored.

After twenty years of searching, Odyssey hasn’t lost any of its cool and promises to unveil more photos. Mars is bewitched and has not finished telling us about its buried treasures.

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