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National Congress of the Canadian Liberal Party | Nuclear Defense Activists

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(Ottawa) Liberal activists, gathered for a virtual conference, were working on Saturday to vote on nearly forty decisions guiding their next election bid.

Lina Deeb
The Canadian Press

Only five of these decisions were rejected, including one drafted by the Quebec wing of the Liberal Party of Canada (PLC) that called for an end to support for fossil fuels and nuclear power.

The three activists who were able to speak out in favor of the resolution insisted on the need to switch to green energy sources as soon as possible. They contested the arguments of activists who believe that to abandon fossil fuels, the transition necessarily involves nuclear energy.

In this regard, the majority of the activists participating in the virtual plenary attended. The resolution was rejected by 396 votes against 170 votes.

Toutes les autres résolutions appelant à une relance verte, y compris une autre œuvre de l’aile québécoise qui réclame de «toute urgence» un comité qui évalue l’impact environnemental la tous les produits de consommation et tain taines, les habitation The first stage.

Because the second step is in the program. Activists have not yet chosen which decisions to adopt will become “final policies.” This choice will be made during voting, and its results will be published at the end of the conference, on Saturday evening.

Two decisions calling for the creation of universal basic income have passed the first stage. Whoever advocated such a program immediately won the approval of 77% of the militants; Those who first wanted to study their feasibility and consult the provinces received 85% of the subsidy.

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Then, a decision by the Quebec pavilion that would like to see an increase in old-age insurance from the age of 70 instead of 75 was also passed, without discussion.

Political opponents of the Liberals in Quebec – the Quebec Bloc – demand that this increase be granted from the age of 65.

Another topic that tickles Quebec: imposing national standards on long-term care institutions. Liberal activists adopted this decision without discussing it. 97% were voting for. Only 23 activists voted against it.

Even when the activists choose “the final policies,” they will not tie Justin Trudeau’s hands, neither to his government’s decisions nor his platform for the next election campaign.

Mr. Trudeau addresses his activists late on Saturday afternoon.

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