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Netflix | Joe Exotic and his enemies return in Tiger King 2

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(Los Angeles) Eccentric Joe Exotic replaced his Tigers behind bars, but that didn’t stop Netflix from producing the second season of the documentary tiger king, which captured millions of isolated viewers due to the COVID-19 pandemic last year.

Posted on November 16, 2021

Even before its release on Wednesday, the phenomenon series has already caused a legal battle, which will undoubtedly contribute a bit more to its success.

The series called In the kingdom of monsters In French, you follow the tricks and misfortunes of “Joe Exotic,” a pedophile and colorful zoo owner who reigns over a zoo of felines, idiot staff, and eccentric lovers.

Real name Joe Maldonado Bassage, “King of the Tigers,” was sentenced to 22 years in prison for attempting to kill Carol Baskin, the animal advocate he has become harassed.

Even if the sentence was partially overturned this summer, Joe Exotic is still on trial and is currently in custody. So by phone tiger king 2 hear from him.

“There is an innocent man in prison,” declares the zoo owner who fell with the famous mullet cut into the trailer. “Everyone at the zoo is making money and I’m paying the bill for all of them,” he complains.

The first season, which was watched by 64 million families worldwide within four weeks of its release, focused on the intense rivalry between Joe Exotic and Mr.I Baskin. The latter had for years accused the eccentric businessman of abusing his animals and swore to his garden of bankruptcy.

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tiger king 2 She chooses to focus on the wild rumor that Carol Baskin has eaten her husband’s tigers and is trying to unravel the pair’s disappearance, in which M.I Baskin denies any involvement.

She refused to participate in the second season, told the producers to “forget about it” and filed a lawsuit against Netflix, calling the first season “cruel and unfair.” She also denounced the “malicious” insinuations of her husband’s disappearance.

The lawsuit alleges that she only agreed to appear in the first season, but a Florida court denied the lady.I Baskin and Netflix had counterattacked to defend his right to use photos taken with her in season two.

Other alien characters also return in Season 2, such as Jeffrey and Lauren Lowe, who are introduced as a swinging couple, who take over the zoo from Joe Exotic after his arrest.

But last May, US authorities confiscated 68 large cats kept in the zoo, which, according to court documents, were not fed, cared for or housed appropriately.

In the trailer, Jeffrey Lowe, former assistant to Joe Exotic, rejoices despite it all” tiger king It changed our lives overnight. We are richer than God now.”

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