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Netflix settles in Canada | Attic News

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Tony Vaughn
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Co-CEO of NetflixAnd the Ted Sarandos, On a blog post on the distribution platform explaining the company’s choice to establish itself on Canadian soil.

Ten years ago, the Canadians were invited Netflix At home for the first time. Whether it’s by giving a second life to the story of the famous redhead from Prince Edward Island (Anne with an E), by following a diverse group of survivors in the middle of the Quebec jungle (even on a downhill), or by playing around with the Fire Company’s footage. (Victory Glass), Canada Members here and around the world have a range of stories to enjoy.

With this momentum, we want to continue building by building a new home for it Netflix In Canada: Opening an office and hiring a content person who works directly with the Canadian arts community is part of our plans.

In 2012, when we launched our first original production in Ontario (Hemlock Grove), we couldn’t imagine how important Canada’s contribution would be to our business. Since 2017, we have spent more than $ 2.5 billion Canadian dollars on production in the country. We have also built a large number of relationships with talented directors, writers, actors, producers, and animators, to name a few (…).

Over the past three years, we have also focused on collaborating with organizations that promote the development of innovators from unrepresented communities. If we want more people to be able to see their reality on screen, we need to make sure that people from all walks of life have access to coaching and mentorship as well as movie sets (…).

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Canada is rich in amazing diversity, and our growing local presence will allow us to share more original stories with the world, whether through original content development, co-productions or acquisitions. “

Left to right: Jason Ryle, Former General Manager, ImagineNATIVE; Keri Swanson, Associate Director, Aboriginal Screen Office; Ariel Wasket Crowler, artist; Daryl Kootenay, artist; Mary Celine Sharon, artist; Odelle Guanette, CEO, Epiconi; Stephane Cardin, Director of Public Policy, Netflix Canada and Jane Kosmic, Executive Director of Banff International Media Festival at Banff International Media Festival 2019.

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