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Suspension of Proceedings Against Michel Arseno: SQ launches an administrative investigation

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“Concern”, Quebec Secret (SQ) announced the start of an administrative investigation after proceedings against former coach Michel Arsino were halted, Thursday, while he was accused of committing sexual offenses and assaulting underage gymnasts.

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“The Security Council in Quebec took note of the decision issued yesterday and is extremely concerned about this situation. Given the seriousness of the acts committed and their impact on the lives of the victims, in a press release on Friday, it will ensure that all procedures related to the conduct of this investigation are the subject of comprehensive analysis. .

Michel Arsino, 59, was charged with sexual assault of underage athletes and assaulting four others. On Thursday, the Director of the Criminal and Criminal Prosecution (DPCP) obtained a stay of proceedings due to “major deficiencies” in the investigator’s style: the latter did not take notes during interviews with the complainants, during which they would describe the actions their former trainer might have committed towards them.

The information revealed […] Clarifying the main deficiencies in the investigator’s transcription of the file’s notes, the Attorney General, Mr.H Rachel Peter, Thursday. They make many of the complainants’ statements inaccessible forever. “

“The police conducted a failed investigation, and collected only evidence consistent with their theory of events, and thus deliberately failed to preserve all evidence obtained,” said Mr. Arsino’s lawyers.

The decision to drop the case sparked outrage among advocacy groups for victims of sexual assault, and resonated even in Quebec.

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“The Michel Arsino case bothered us and unfortunately it still raises many questions about police work in sexual assault cases,” said Jean Roussel, the Liberal Party spokesman in Quebec for public security affairs. For this we ask the Minister of Public Safety a.I Genevieve Gelbolt, to shed light on the police investigation into this case. “

“Since we want to prevent the recurrence of other cases of this kind, we also ask the Minister to remind the police forces in the governorate of the best practices to follow in cases of sexual assault, to ensure that dedicated teams are in place and that they are adequately trained to do this work.”

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