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Owners of country houses receive illegal reservation requests

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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The owners of the rental chalets note with regret that many potential clients still try to circumvent the sanitary rules.

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In fact, owners receive a steady number of reservation requests that don’t respect the boundaries of the family bubble.

Sébastien Rhéaume owns a chalet in Saint-Tite. For two months, he’s been renting it out. However, Mr. Rehum said he had to turn down about ten applications a week, as they would not meet the criteria set by Public Health.

“I receive more illegal requests than legal requests. Whether it’s students, two families at the same time, or a small group of co-workers, it doesn’t stop.

A similar note arose in the Grandes-Piles, at Mauricie, as the owner of Lacoss’s chalets, Marc Cossette, often had to answer questions about restrictions.

They will ask us if our chalets are stuck together and if we can see the neighborhood. People are afraid of condemnation and prefer to hide. “

Marc Cosette lives near his four rental booths, which allows him to keep a close eye on them.

In Mauricie and Center-du-Québec there are 360 ​​tourist lodges, out of a total of 7,896 in Quebec. The Ministry of Tourism notes that property owners who turn a blind eye to illegal reservations can also be fined.

For Sebastian Reum, the reality of large chalet owners is more difficult than the reality of large chalet owners. “The owners are hungry.” He said that the mortgage on these large chalets is huge and not enough for one family at a time.

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