New life for the vaccination campaignحملة

Quebec’s announcement of its immunization passport application in September significantly increased the number of immunization appointments.

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More than 9,000 people booked a slot on Thursday to receive a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, three times more than the previous week.

Dr. said. “Even if the weather is nice, cases are decreasing and we’re in summer vacation mode, it’s a good idea to ring the bell to remind people to go get vaccinated.”s André Villette, researcher in immunology.

The Quebec government announced this week that the vaccination passport should be valid in September. It will only be used in the event of an outbreak to avoid the spread of containment to properly vaccinated people.

“There is a period of four weeks between doses and two weeks after the second dose for it to be fully effective. So, if people want to be ready for September 1, they have to start now,” notes Andre Villette.

Good for shops

According to him, proving a vaccine is the right thing to do “because we can’t afford to be booked frequently.”

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“It’s good for shops, restaurants and gyms. With a vaccination passport, they would probably lose 10% of clients. But they will avoid the catastrophe of having to shut down everything. And when you go somewhere, it’s reassuring to know that the people around you have been vaccinated,” he says.

This extra measure is a good safety net for the economy, says Mark Fortin, president of the Canadian Retail Council.

considered ds André Villette insists on the importance of maintaining the measures we already know to fight COVID-19, such as wearing a mask and testing and tracing cases during the outbreak.

Even if people are vaccinated, they can still catch the virus [sans symptôme] Especially for children under 12 years old who have not been vaccinated.

Quick Tests

He also regrets that Quebec has not yet used rapid tests that people can do themselves to prevent an outbreak.

It would be very useful, but the tests are dormant in repositories. It is also necessary to improve ventilation in schools, because it is the unvaccinated children who go to them,” says the immunologist.

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