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Biden leads Trump in six swing states

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Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden Carries narrow strings over the chair Donald Trump In six states, the president is aiming for defense on Tuesday in his pursuit of a second term, according to a new CNBC / Change Research poll.

The poll released on Monday showed that the former vice president has at least a slight advantage in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, all of which Trump won in 2016. However, it shows a close distance race for the president in most of the Electoral College awards.

  • All six swing states: Biden 50%, Trump 46%
  • Arizona: Biden 50%, Trump 47%
  • Florida: Biden 51%, Trump 48%
  • Michigan: Biden 51% Trump 44%
  • North Carolina: Biden 49%, Trump 47%
  • Pennsylvania: Biden 50%, Trump 46%
  • Wisconsin: Biden 53%, Trump 45%

A separate CNBC / Change Research national poll shows Biden is ahead of Trump by a margin of 52% to 42%.

The poll in the swing state included 3,328 people from Thursday to Sunday, with a margin of error of more or less 1.7 percentage points. The National Survey, conducted on the same timeframe, has a sample size of 1,880 potential voters with a margin of error of more or less 2.26 percentage points.

Opinion polls in the final stage before Election Day show a clear, but in no way insurmountable, advantage for Biden in the race for the White House. While competitions in Arizona, Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania look close, Trump has more room to make up for in Michigan and Wisconsin, two tall blue states that helped propel him to the White House in 2016.

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It is unclear to what extent any late shifts in voter sentiment will change the presidential race this year. In the election where Americans are casting their ballots early or by mail with staggering numbersIn both the national poll and the swing nation, 68% of respondents said they had already voted.

In Arizona, 85% of respondents said they had already voted, while 82% and 81% of prospective voters in Florida and North Carolina, respectively, said the same. Meanwhile, 63% and 57% of voters in Wisconsin and Michigan, respectively, said they had cast their vote. In Pennsylvania – which can take days to count votes by mail – only 40% of respondents said they voted.

Meanwhile, a statewide poll shows the Democrats are ahead in close races for three pivot seats in the Senate. The party’s all-election victory in Arizona, Michigan, and North Carolina would have gone a long way toward gaining control of the Senate. Republicans currently hold a majority of 53-47.

In the Arizona special election, former Democratic astronaut Mark Kelly leads Republican Senator Martha Maxali by a margin of 51% to 47%. Democratic Senator Gary Peters of Michigan has a 51% to 46% lead over Republican Army veteran businessman and businessman John James.

In North Carolina, former Democratic Senator Cal Cunningham beats Republican Senator Thom Tillis by 50% to 46%. CNBC / Change Research polls found a steady but small lead for Cunningham throughout the race, even after confirming the romantic relationship between a Democrat and a woman who is not his wife.

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Polls point to Trump’s performance during his first term, particularly on maneuver Coronavirus pandemic, which has killed more than 230,000 Americans, Hindered him in major countries. In the six swing states, 46% of potential voters said they approve of Trump’s handling of the virus, versus 54% who disagree.

Nationwide, only 41% of respondents said they agreed with how the president would manage the outbreak, versus 59% who said they disagreed.

Meanwhile, 53% of voters in conflicting states said they would prefer Biden and the Democrats to deal with the Coronavirus, compared to 47% who chose Trump and the Republicans. Nationwide, 58% said they would choose Biden and his party to manage the outbreak, while 42% chose the president and his party.

Trump got better scores on the economy: 51% of respondents in swing states and 46% nationally said they agreed with how he handled the issue.

The economy and the Coronavirus appear to be the two defining issues for poll respondents in the final phase before Election Day when voters were asked to name the three most important issues facing the country.

In the swing nation survey, 48% chose the economy, jobs and cost of living, while 41% chose Covid-19. The second biggest concern was political corruption, which was chosen by 34% of the electorate.

Nationwide, 44% of voters chose Covid-19, followed by the economy, jobs and cost of living at 43% and political corruption at 31%.

The data suggests that Biden’s leadership has a lot to do with the current preoccupation of the White House. More than half of Biden voters in swing state, or 54%, said they mainly vote against Trump, while 46% said they largely vote for the former vice president.

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Motivation varies among Trump supporters. More than eight in 10, or 84%, said they mostly vote for Trump, while 16% answered that they vote against Biden.

– Nate Ratner’s Drawings on CNBC

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