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New Orleans forced to choose between flood prevention and abortion access

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The state of Louisiana has refused to provide $39 million in funding for a major project to help New Orleans protect itself from flooding, due to the city administration’s stance on abortion.

While Louisiana wants to ban abortion on its territory, the New Orleans city council decided on July 7 that it intended to protect access to abortion. The city administration has instructed its police not to use public funds to investigate abortions.

In response to the city’s decision, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry asked the Louisiana State Bond Commission to suspend all funding for New Orleans.

To overturn the ban on distributing funds to the municipality, Attorney General Landry New Orleans is asking Louisiana to implement the law passed by Louisiana, but is also asking the city council, Mayor Latoya Cantrell, the chief of police, the mayor, and the city attorney general to agree to uphold the law by cooperating with state employees.

However, for the second time, Louisiana refused to fund a canal project, the main goal of which is to protect the municipality from flooding during storms. The project, called “New Sewer and Water Panel Power Plant, Planning and Construction”, was originally scheduled to be completed in 2024.

First banned on July 21, the project lost a narrow 7-6 vote last Thursday.

Mayor Cantrell called the suspension of funding for one of the “most vital and valuable infrastructure projects” “disappointing and appalling”.

“Regardless of the outcome of this case, my government will continue to prioritize the needs of our citizens, which include improving our aging infrastructure, building our city’s resilience, and protecting women’s rights,” she added.

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