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No, Quebec does not hire nurses in Haiti

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I’m in Haiti […] In an effort to hire 250 nurses to contribute to 4,000 health workers, the Quebec government is trying to find them difficult and miserable by taking on assignments all over the world. Haiti was not on the list [des pays ciblés par Québec]I’m here to try to contribute my wayFor example, on the TikTok platform, a clip has been viewed more than 235,000 times.

the problem? Neither the Government of Quebec nor the Government of Canada has launched such missions in Haiti.

Pierre Coty is not and has not been authorized by the Ministry of Social Security to recruit in Haiti. Health Network international recruitment is done through Recrutement Santé Québec, the official MSSS recruitment agency for health and social services professionals who have earned a diploma outside Canada., insists a spokesperson for the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS) in Quebec.

Beware of scams, warns the Canadian Embassy in Haiti.

« Notice to all Haitians: Please note that Canada and Quebec do not recruit nurses in Haiti at this time. […] Unfortunately, fraudulent job offers to come to Canada are increasing every day. »

Quote from A message from the Canadian Embassy in Haiti on social networks

We have been informed of the case of someone who said he was recruiting in Haiti for Quebec. We are currently evaluating this situation, warns the Quebec government.

« It is clear that we do not approve of such practices that can give false hope. »

Quote from Marie-Claude Lacasse, MSSS spokeswoman

No health facility in the greater Montreal and Morrissey area contacted by Radio Canada has told us they are dealing with Pierre Cottier.

from Volunteer activity

Meanwhile, Pierre Côte continues his search for the nurses. for him Goal It will be somewhere else Achieve, indicates in an email sent to Radio Canada, referring to the possible arrival in Quebec 286 Haitian nurses Next year.

After contacting him by phone, the 53-year-old Trivlovian agrees that there is no government mandate, a fact he did not specify in his outings on social networks.

It is a national initiative that swears. I do it in a personal way.

« There is a crisis in Quebec. […] I did my research, and I thought there was potential [en Haïti]. Word of mouth did its job, and it spread quickly. »

Quote from Pierre Coty

He states that he did not ask for anything A committee or pay. It is a voluntary activity, indicating that it was HarmAnd Surprised And Surprised from the government’s response.

Pierre Côte swears he has a list of nearly 300 nurses at his disposal eviction who wants to give it to his constituency deputy, Jean Boulet, also Minister of Labor and Immigration.

In his opinion, these people will have no problem finding a job in Quebec.

FIQ recognizes the Haitian Ministry of Public Health’s license because there have already been Haitian nurses working in Quebec for several years., He says.

However, this is not true. FIQ is a union and the right to practice is governed by the Order of Nurses of Quebec (OIIQ). In addition, the latter specifies on his site that a Request for recognition of diploma or training equivalency All diplomas obtained must be completed From a country other than Canada or France.

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Over the past 10 years, OIIQ has issued less than 500 permits For people trained in Haiti, wrote us this professional system.

Jean Boulet’s office also told us that any request to meet with Pierre Coté would be refused. We can not support [sa] Citizen’s approach, Zlatt, spokesman for Minister Boulet.

a Consultant In close contact with the Haitian government

This is not the first time he has spoken about Pierre Côte. Regularly, he contacts the media in Quebec for interviews with the Haitian government. This was the case for example in July, after the assassination of Jovenel Moss. Then he suggested on Radio Canada Speak directly with a member of the Haitian government to provide Canadian residents with the most equitable coverage possible.

Former communications advisor to Laurent Lamothe, who was Prime Minister of Haiti between 2012 and 2014, and Director Loft storyPierre Côte says he earns a living like Consultant. It also indicates that he is the founder Radical Transparency, which, on Facebook, is defined as a file Consulting company. This page also moves a file Registration form for Haitian nurses interested in working in Canada in 2022.

However, this company is not, to this day, registered in the Quebec Companies Registry.

man in haiti

Pierre Cottier is currently in Haiti in order to recruit nurses for Quebec institutions, he says.

Photo: Twitter / Pierre Coty

not one scammerbut a citizen Cowboys

Pierre Cottier assures us, however, that he is not scammer. It is defined as Citizen cowboy instead Who wants to be victim [son] pattern.

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It must bother a group of officials and bureaucrats. They look a little crazy. The man found 300 Haitian nursesWelcome, adding that not including Haiti in these government recruitment missions would be discriminatory.

For what reason did Quebec not launch missions in Haiti?

MSSS did not answer this question directly, but said Respect international recruitment protocols and work in it cooperation with the Ministry of Immigration To establish the criteria to be considered in the selection of recruitment groups.

In total, nearly 4,000 health workers, the vast majority of whom are nurses, are in demand from Quebec. Recruitment missions will take place in France, Belgium, the Maghreb, Brazil and even Lebanon.

In collaboration with Daniel Boyle

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