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No, TousAntiCovid will not keep our data for 20 years

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On October 22nd, a new application arrived on our notebooks: TousAntiCovid, the new version of the tracking software, originally called “StopCovid”. Since the start of the week, a message has been alerted on Twitter Regarding possible hijacking of the application.

A tweet signed by anchor, former journalist, and parliamentary collaborator: “Currently in session, We are discussing an article that will allow #StopCovid data to be retained for 20 years, Those that were supposed to be removed at the end of 2021. ”

3,000 Retweets later, worrying the stomachs of many netizens. “Oh, I told you that,” “20 years, but what are they going to do with it”, “dictatorship” … The article that the MPs discussed is Article 5 of the bill on end-of-health management. Crisis and talks about a lot of things But there is no TousAntiCovid at all.

This is actually another tool

In fact, there is confusion between two tools that are used to identify cases of Covid. Article 5 discussed discusses the data collected and broadens the scope of its processing. However, this is not related to the app TousAntiCovid, downloaded by 20% of FrenchBut from “Contact-Covid”, It was developed by the health insurance For healthcare professionals, to identify and inform cases of contact. This is also SI-DEP (Screening Information System), which is the secure platform “where results from Covid-19 test laboratories are systematically logged” to ensure that all positive cases are truly supported.

So it has nothing to do with the TousAntiCovid app on our smartphone screens, they are different tracking tools. On the other hand, the usage life of Contact-Covid data has been extended, as has SI-DEP. Until now, it was expected that the data collected as part of Contact-Covid and SI-DEP during the pandemic, will not be preserved. Until December 31, 2021.

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The new text provides for some information collected into the national health data system to be entered and kept For 20 years. Since 2017, the National Health System has been independently collecting and making available previously existing databases, such as those for health insurance or health institutions.

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