Norwegians fined for wearing shorts instead of bikinis

Every player on the Norwegian team has just been fined for not respecting the dress code by the EURO 2021 beach handball disciplinary committee.

It’s not a huge amount. We are talking about 150 euros per player for a total of 1,500 euros.

What did the Norwegians do? They decided that that was enough bikini and played in shorts.

But regulation 4.8 of Guide to the International Beach Handball Federation This mentions:

The beach handball player uniform consists of a tank top, shorts and any accessories.

The beach handball player uniform consists of a swimsuit top and bottom (bikini), as well as any accessories.

So guys should play in shorts and girls in bikinis. No, but what a stupid organization.

We challenge the top decision makers in handball to go into the hot sand via Speedo. They may realize that sand fits easily in a swimsuit, but getting out of it is much more difficult…

So despite the regulations, they still opted for shorts and paid the fine.

In the end, Spain beat Norway in the bronze medal match of the 2021 European Nations Beach Handball Championship.

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