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Olga Lambert receives the Medal of Sovereignty for Volunteers

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The Medal of Sovereignty is awarded to Canadian volunteers who have made a significant, ongoing, and unpaid contribution to their communities, in Canada or abroad. Non-Canadians are also eligible if their contribution honors or honors Canadians or Canadians.

Olga Lambert, who was honored and surprised to be chosen, said she was proud to have had this distinction that she shares with all the communities she has worked with. It is a reward for me and for all the immigrant, French-speaking and Ontarian communities .

Born in France and of Togolese descent, Ms. Lambert hopes to inspire young people and the immigrant community. You can go somewhere if you find your way and your passion, as you say. Every little step counts, we don’t know who we’re going to touch , advise.

« I came here alone as a 22-year-old student. And to now find myself honored, it really is a surprise. »

Quote from Olga Lambert, recipient of the Sovereignty Medal for Volunteers

Cancer survivor and WHO Francophone Ambassador after breast cancer Helping women with breast cancer, she explains that this medal has more meaning in her eyes. I just finished a rather difficult treatment. This is the fourth time I have had cancer.

« Get support [moral] Also from the community that this medal resonates more with me. I share this medal with everyone. »

Quote from Olga Lambert, recipient of the Sovereignty Medal for Volunteers

nicknamed the French Army

Ms. Lambert’s relatives, including Georgette Ameyher, give her her surname French army Because of her qualified military proficiency when she is involved in a case. When we do something, she wants everything to be perfect. She doesn’t like anything half doneShe says laughing.

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Georgette Ameyher, a longtime collaborator with Olga Lambert, believes the latter deserves this award because of her passion for volunteering, her resilience and her courage. Olga, she’s a really cool personIn the words of the co-founder of the Africa Pavilion at the Karasuga Festival in Mississauga.

The story is the same with Domino Acacpo, a resident of Toronto and aide of Mrs. Lambert. She is a tireless lady who helps people to the end even if she is sickHe said, adding that the latter is an inspiring person.

The Medal of Sovereignty will be awarded to Mrs. Lambert in the front yard of her home by Elizabeth Dodswill, the Governor of Ontario. If the temperature is right, 25 people can attend while respecting sanitary rulesLambert says.

Other than that, the Zoom link will allow you to virtually attend the event.

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