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“OM going well, we’ve already been warned”

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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During the lively press conference yesterday morning, coach Denis Lavani emphasized the difficulty awaiting his team against O Médéa. But he admits that his squad have prepared accordingly and are well armed for victory.

“OM travel well. This team has won 4 of its 8 away matches. I think she scored more goals away from home than at home. They are a team they play against by letting the opposing team attack, before trying to surprise them with blocks. So he warned us about that, “Lavan said.

“We will have to attack while we are vigilant so as not to be surprised.”

In order not to be surprised by the well-traveled OM team in this first-leg match, the French coach has announced that he will opt for the over-attack, while asking his players to be very careful to avoid cash out tomorrow afternoon. “The game looks good. We have no injuries and we are fully booked. We have good dynamism, and now we know it will be difficult and we still have to make efforts. It will be necessary to attack, but it is also necessary to be careful not to be surprised by the blocks. We must remain.” Always organized, and then we have to achieve the first goal, “he insisted.

“We beat MC Algiers, but we have to ask ourselves, because every match is a challenge.”

Although his team is achieving a series of good results with 3 successive league wins, including 2 on the road and qualifying for the group stage, Lavan warns that this Friday’s meeting won’t be easy. “We have to ask ourselves and not say that we won MCA, NAHD and qualified for the group stage of the CAF Cup, but it is a new challenge. Every match is a challenge and every match, you have to take it as a challenge, and prepare it with a conscience to win, and do not believe you arrived. To take.” All the enemies with great humility. All matches are difficult, you have to make every effort to win them. “

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We tried to bring the players back to Earth to beat OM

In order for his players not to succumb to ecstasy, especially since they are mostly young, Lavani asked them to keep their feet on the ground during his press conference. “We tried to bring the players back to Earth. But I admit it’s better than putting your head in the shoe. I will also say it’s easier to deal with that than to deal with the rest as there is a lot of negative pressure. It is true that very few young people are discovering this. We have to go with them until On Friday, they will come back with the same determination they had against MCA. “

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