On Chrome OS, notifications indicate possible problems with USB-C cables

USB-C was supposed to solve a well-known problem for PC users: to concentrate the maximum number of functions – charging, data transfer, video – in a single, unique connector. Unfortunately, this fantasy is still unrealistic, quite the contrary, it is still a huge mess with regard to cables, and unfortunately USB-C tends to complicate matters.

How to find the right USB-C cable

what or what

What is Thunderbolt/USB 4 in M1 Macs?

In the new version of Chrome OS (102), Chromebooks with an Intel chip 11 and above will display notifications if the USB-C cable connected to the computer is missing functionality. For example: It does not support DisplayPort, USB4, or even Thunderbolt. A USB-C cable can also be less efficient than the device it’s connected to (it’s 20Gbps while a Chromebook port can go up to 40Gbps).

in His great wisdomThe USB Implementers Forum has come up with logos indicating maximum charging and data transfer power, but there’s no mention of a DisplayPort anywhere. Moreover, one would think that the proliferation of logos is likely to generate great confusion for the user.

Suddenly we find ourselves dreaming about the same thing at Apple, whether on macOS or iOS.

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