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One last cry from the heart to save Château Dubuque

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In a letter sent on Thursday, Patrimoine Gaspey’s president, Jean-Marie Vallaud, told the minister it was Château Dubuque’s last chance.

Shameful to see the state of Château Dubuque! It is terrible to see that such a rich component of our heritage could become a heritage wreck. »

Quote from Jean-Marie Valau, President of Patrimoine Gaspésie

Jean-Marie Valaud believes it is up to the government to invest in moving the castle to safe locations (archive).

Photo: Radio Canada

As a last resort, he is trying to persuade the minister to invest public funds in protecting the building whose survival is more disruptive than ever.

He also hopes to see her move coordinated action plan For this building that is the subject of a heritage quote by the town of Chandler as well as by MRC Rocher Percy.

The government appears to have dropped the case for various reasons. The idea is not to blame anyone, but in a situation like this, there should be more interest arisingHe says.

Jean-Marie Valaud recalls that Legault’s government intervened in favor of protecting Frederic James de Bercy’s villa, which would become the future blue space of Gazbezi. He also adds that the childhood home of former Prime Minister Rene Levsk, located in New Carlisle, has also received support from Quebec for its sustainability.

Regretted that Château Dubuque, in his opinion A jewel from the heritage of Gaspé and Quebec, does not enjoy the same attention. According to him, they are investing in moving to safe places This is a testament to our industrial history It would be the right decision to make.

If the minister does not intervene, what will happen?Asked. Château Dubuque will go to the sea, it will become a piece of wreck and we must catch itcontinues Jean-Marie Vallow.

According to him, the government authorities will have no choice, if such a scenario turns out, to pay for it Demolition [le Château Dubuc] And to settle the coast in this sector. It is calculated at a glance that these operations may cost at least 300,000 dollars.

In October, the Department of Culture and Communications pledged to invest $40,000 in emergency work, provided the city of Chandler contributes $10,000.

The current municipal administration, as well as the previous administration, has refused to loosen the restrictions on funds.

Deplored by the lack of subsidies, Château Dubuc’s co-owner, Michel Saint-Pierre, emptied the building as winter approached. He hoped to salvage the furniture, knowing that the building might not survive the high tide season.

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