Opscidia launches Science Checker, powered by (…)

Friday 3 September 2021

French website Opscidia, which aims to make scientific information free and open to access, has just launched Science Checker, an open source tool developed with Gandi’s support.

the tool science checker, developed by Opscidia, invites users to ask a question to find out the relationship between an agent (object, substance, verb, etc.) and disease.

3 keywords must be entered in the search bars: factor, effect and disease. Once a question is asked, the Science Checker tool draws on the scientific literature and selects relevant articles to answer the question asked. Opscidia relies on this Open source tools and open source scientific literature. Science Checker suggests a percentage of a “positive” or “negative” answer to the question asked as well as a reliability rating.

Science Checker Available In French and English. The initiative is supported by Gandi, who supports Opscidia Since May 2020.

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