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Over 3 billion passwords hacked, verify your address! The New Tribune

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According to the location BGR That revealed the information, it is the largest group of user credentials hacked and published on the Internet. Over 3.2 billion stolen logins and passwords, all aggregated into a large database, have been posted on hacking forums. This data specifically relates to Hotmail, Gmail, Netflix and LinkedIn accounts. Baptized Collection of multiple breaches (Comb) This hacked and published data is a collection of previous violations that were posted online.

Computer scientists describe it as « Mother of all leaks ». to me BGRAnd the « It’s almost certain that at least some of your data is taken into account in this vulnerability ». according to Internet news In addition, 15.2 billion accounts were compromised and over 2.5 billion unique emails were retrieved by hackers. Yeah BGR Almost sure that “ Some of your data will almost certainly be taken into account with this flaw, » Hackers can use them to access your emails, or even use these logins and passwords to break into other accounts with the same passwords, however, there is a way to get rid of that.

change Password

The first thing to do is to check if your data was taken into account through the list with a file Search Engine Created by Internet news. Once you finish verifying, and you realize that your account is involved, it is up to you to change your password. To further secure your account, it’s advised to activate dual access.

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