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Overwatch says goodbye to Jesse McCree, but hello to Cole Cassidy

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It’s the same thing, but it’s changed

I promised a blizzard Part of the Overwatch community, Cowboy Jesse McCreary She changed her name to avoid being named in honor of studio veteran Who would contribute? into a discriminatory and gendered climate read before California State this summer. starting October 26Tomorrow you will have to call her now Cole Cassidy.

Overwatch lore hinted at it Jesse McCreary It wasn’t the real name of the former gang member dis dead end And No blackwatch. Overwatch 2 release hopes for next year Surely he could have allowed Smoother, more eye-catching transmission, but it seems that Blizzard I decided not to let things drag on, at a time when photo studio at its lowest level. During the last matches l’Overwatch LeagueEven the commentators had to double their creativity Don’t call the cowboy out loud.

parallel, Blizzard I simply decided not to name any other items after the developers. And therefore , World of Warcraft players I recently found out that many people and places have changed names, in order to Cut all ties with real people, starting with ex-employees who have established time in The famous “Cosby Suite”.

before He passed away in AugustAnd The real Jesse Macri he was working On Diablo IV as much as chief designer, apparently accompanied by the game director Lewis Pelly.

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