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PAL Airlines helps people forget Air Canada in eastern Quebec

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Alan Binder
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Eastern Quebec is slowly but surely recovering from Air Canada’s withdrawal.

Since last summer, other companies have taken over. The last of them is PAL Airlines, which will allow the area to find many lost routes.

“We are delighted to see the return of ties that have disappeared, among others with Bay-Como, Ottawa, Abettepe-Temsekamengo, Gaspé and Ile de la Madeleine,” the director said Friday. General Manager of Mont Joli Regional Airport, Chantal Duchesne.

Starting May 31, the carrier will add five destinations in Eastern Quebec, namely Baie-Como, Saint-Augustin, La Romain, Gaspé and Ile de la Madeleine.

The airport is a tool for economic development, but it is also a tool for providing services to the population. Added Bruno Paradis, President of the International Municipal Council of Mont Joli Regional Airport.

In Gaspé, with the arrival of PAL Airlines, there are now two companies serving the area. An unprecedented situation in the domestic airport in decades.

“My dream is that the two of them remain in our lands and that the two will participate in a certain health competition that may have an impact on plane ticket prices,” Gaspe Mayor Daniel Coty told TVA Nouvelles.

PAL Airlines identifies as one of the largest independent airlines operating in eastern Canada. Starting in May, it will offer several stops at various airports in Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Ontario.

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