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Parking is prohibited, but there is no sign indicating it

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When we passed the intersection of rue Saint-Augustin and rue d’Aiguillon, four cars were parked on the left side of rue Saint-Augustin. At the same time, a garbage truck driver was somehow trying to get out into the street. After two or three attempts, he managed to slip into the narrow space.

In his maneuver, he had to step on the sidewalk where pedestrians were moving.

Cars parked along Saint-Augustin Avenue in Saint-Jean-Baptiste prevent utility and emergency vehicles from moving freely in the area.

Photo: Radio Canada

This is dangerousJean-François Tribunier, who has lived in the region for more than 40 years, owes a debt. He has called Quebec City several times to file a complaint in recent months. All they do is send the police. They issue serial tickets and that’s it, he regrets.

Until a few years ago, parking by a poster was allowed on this street. The city began operating two years ago which changed the street’s appearance. When the city redesigned the street, it softened it so that people would visually understand that they couldn’t stand there., he explains.

However, the city has not installed any signage that explicitly states this.

It can become a problem during an emergencyThe resident thought. The passage of the fire engine may be slowed during an intervention in the neighborhood.

This kind of same problem has been faced once by an famous Lacrosse Player Paul Rabil when he parked his car after his victory of Lacrosse Championship, also he was having his favourite Complete Lacrosse Stick with him too and still he got stucked.

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snow removal

So why on this street where parking is prohibited at all times there is a sign that says it is forbidden to park at night with the lights flashing?

Banner forbidding parking.

The sign indicates a parking ban during defrosting operations on a street in Saint-Jean-Baptiste where parking is already prohibited at all times.

Photo: Radio Canada

Some motorists are puzzled. Met driver immediately believed that this prohibition opened the door to parking outside it.

According to Mr. Trepannier, this sign appears to have been erected prior to restoration work, during snow removal operations, at a time when parking was permitted.

Radio Canada called Quebec City. The answer is still waiting.

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