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Paul Mukendi still defeats justice

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On February 27, 2020, a court sentenced Paul Mukendi to 8 years in prison for sexual assault in particular, threatening to kill and injuring a victim who was a teen when she began the assault.

The convict had appealed the verdict of conviction and requested his release pending the issuance of the decision. The Director of the Criminal Prosecution Office opposed his release. However, the court granted the pastor’s request to grant him parole on March 3, 2020.

The evidence I have is revealing […] That the appellant does not represent an escape risk.

Quote from:Jocelyn Rancourt, Judge of the Court of Appeal, in her decision of 3 March 2020

The judge cites several reasons to justify his reasoning, notably the fact that Paul Mukendi no longer has a passport and that he always obeys court orders.

The appeals court dismissed the priest last Monday, while upholding his conviction. The criminal was scheduled to appear in court last Friday to begin serving his prison sentence. However, he escaped and has been untraceable ever since.

Therefore, Paul Mukendi has only spent 10 days in detention since his legal troubles began four years ago.

without a passport

If the fugitive now wishes to leave Canada, he will have to do so illegally because the court confiscated his passport. Paul Mukendi’s release terms state that he cannot apply for renewal, leave Quebec, or live anywhere other than his place of residence.

Added to these conditions are those that he had to watch while awaiting the commencement of a second trial as he occupies the sidewalk, still for crimes of a sexual nature.

The Quebec City Police Department (SPVQ) remains silent about the progress of the investigation. It is impossible to know whether the authorities believe that the fugitive is still in the capital’s territory or whether the pastor’s assets are frozen.

Donation invitations

The latter continues to enjoy impeccable popularity among many believers of the Word of Life Evangelical Church. Sunday, during a mass dedicated to defending the fallen pastor, were sermons accusing the media of contaminating Mukendi Corps, as well as appeals for donations.

What You Got: $1000, $500, confirmed a believer at the microphone as he announced the various means of sending money to the church. Our father is not with us, but we are here and his anointing is still there.

Paul Mukendi is no longer on the list of directors of the Vanier Church, unlike his wife Carmen Mukendi, who, according to the business record, still participates in the evangelical denomination founded by her husband.

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