Person of the Week: Frederic Bove (Fast)

Frederic Bove, Managing DirectorAnd urgent

  • Frequently used expression : ” that’s cool ! “
  • Favorite movie : singing in the rain (Stanley Donen and Jane Kelly)
  • Favorite professions : Running, reading, watching movies, playing games and listening to music
  • Fun fact : You may meet me every morning at 6 a.m. in the running cemetery of Mount Royal.

Frederic Bove It is a link between knowledge and action: it is an influential player in exchanges between companies (from start-ups to large groups) and universities. He is passionate, inquisitive and tireless. He likes to give his actions meaning and depth. Graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences of France (Lyon) as well as in Economics and Management, Frederick Expert in developing strategies and ecosystem. Innovation, international vision and management are at the heart of everything he does. Through his experiences, in business, at the Moment Factory (the pioneer in Montreal creativity), in teaching at HEC Montreal, or by creating economic, academic and cultural bridges between France, Quebec, Canada during his six years interviewing Jacques Cartier, Frederick The situation is the same between today and tomorrow.

Since June 2021, Frederick He is the general manager of urgent, an innovation blaster that shapes and funds high-impact R&D partnerships in the information sector and new digital technologies. Pioneering a new paradigm for collaborative innovation, urgent It pursues two missions: network and development. for the first, urgent Bringing together the right people – from universities and Quebec companies – the right projects and the best opportunities for collaborative work. Then thanks to these networks, urgent Governments help fund research and development in order to increase the competitiveness of this promising sector throughout Quebec.

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in the last year, urgent Supporting and approving 103 projects with a value of nearly $80 million.

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