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Peter MacLeod suffers from anxiety Montreal Magazine

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Peter MacLeod had to postpone the tour for his new solo show applique and kilt. Faced with growing anxiety as the premiere approaches, the comedian decides to take a break and undertake therapy that will allow him to be, indeed, Zayn when he returns to the stage.

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He may have had six solo shows to his credit and has sold over 900,000 tickets over the course of his career, and that doesn’t stop the comedian from being under a lot of pressure at the thought of returning to the stage. If Entourage and the comedian made the joint decision to postpone the tour for this show, it’s because anxiety at the idea of ​​returning to the stage, after two years of hiatus, has become crippling. To the point of stopping everything in order to conduct treatment to better understand what is happening to him.

Although the comedian has been transparent about why his show – which was due to run in a few weeks – has been delayed – he prefers to wait until his approach becomes a little more advanced before discussing it in an interview. However, he maintains that he will be very comfortable raising the issue publicly when he feels ready. He also shows that his approach to managing his performance anxiety and getting better at his approach to the scene is already paying off.

The comedian will then gradually return to the stage, first participating in private and corporate events starting this winter.

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New tour dates applique and kilt are still unknown. Spectators who have purchased tickets are invited to contact the performance hall to know the procedures to be followed.

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