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Poilievre and Francophonie: Expectations and Questions

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“I challenge you, Mr. Trudeau. If you truly understand the suffering of Canadians, sign up today to avoid higher taxes on workers and seniors,” Pierre Pouleivry told Justin Trudeau at a press conference.

On the other hand, the prime minister and his radical coalition He woke up [en référence à l’alliance entre le NPD et les libéraux, NDLR]Pierre Boulevard pledged to work with all parties to advance the interests of Canadians. Qualified “But we will not waive the tax increase.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Photo: Ines Lombardo, Francopress

A dollar saved for a dollar spent

One week before Parliament resumes in the fall, he also suggested that the government find savings for dollars for a dollar spent. “The people are gentlemen and the government is the servant,” he concluded to applause from his party.

Since retiring from the caucus in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Justin Trudeau wanted to demonstrate that his government also took into account the economic suffering of Canadians,

He has in fact announced that his government intends to take Three main measures To offset the higher cost of living: Double the tax credit for goods and services for six months, offer a dental benefit for some children under 12, and provide an additional $500 one-time payment for renters struggling to pay rent.

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