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Postponing or canceling the Beijing Olympics? Unlikely, according to Dick Pound

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Yes, it is a possibility that cannot be completely ruled out, but there is no doubt here about countries saying we should not go at all, explained the former head of the World Anti-Doping Agency. It’s a shame that an athlete does not go X [parce qu’il a la COVID-19], but there are hundreds of other athletes out there. You can’t cancel it even if it affects one of your stars.

« I don’t think we can put it off. Arrow left the bow. It’s going to start on February 4th and it’s going to take something really big to change that. »

Quote from Dick Pound, CIO

Doubts about the games will remain in the public eye, but the boat will leave port, unless disaster strikes, or if public health authorities decide to close all borders.

But Dick Pound said he understood the concerns voiced by David Shoemaker last week. We are optimistic that the Games can be held safely, but we are assessing the situation every day.The CEO of the Canadian Olympic Committee told CBC.

David Shoemaker is more concerned about the uncertainty over the next few weeks that will take Canadian athletes to Beijing than the Games themselves, according to Dick Pound. This same suspicion led NHL players to abandon the games.

The concern concerns all those who are not yet in China; If we name the team and we lose a sled here, a skater there, admit it. If it comes to the point where there are only Chinese athletes left, then no, these are no longer the Olympics, and we will not recognize them that way.

« If I were him (by David Shoemaker), I would have said the same. As head of the National Olympic Committee, one should not rule out the possibility that everything will turn into smoke. »

Quote from dick pound

There is no indication that this [un report ou une annulation] It could happen, but nothing can compare to what we’re seeing now, he added, noting the rise in cases attributed to the Omicron variant. It’s happening all over the world, more and more people are traveling, so more people are in a position to contract and transmit the virus. So it is perfectly normal to say that you are concerned about the health and safety of your team.

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Dick Pound insisted when it comes to the games themselves, the lights are all green right now. The easily transportable Omicron variant will lead to cases in Beijing, which will have to be managed.

The question is how many there will be, and whether it will turn into a tsunami that would make it impossible to hold the Olympics., is done.

Beijing Olympic organizers have put in place a strict protocol to tackle COVID-19. All athletes must be vaccinated (or quarantined for two weeks beforehand) and undergo daily tests, and no one will be allowed to leave the Olympic bubble.

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