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Putin called on foreign competitors not to “cross the red line” with Russia

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Moscow, Russia | On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned his foreign rivals not to “cross the red line” with Russia, amid mounting tensions with the West over a number of issues.

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In his annual address to the nation, the Russian president emphasized: “We generally act with restraint and in a modest manner, and often we do not respond even to unfriendly actions or even to blatant profanities.”

He warned those who treat “our good intentions as weakness”, and said he hoped “no one would have an idea to cross the red line with Russia.” He said, “But we will decide by ourselves where things will go,” referring to his multiple passes of weapons with the West, but without specifying the borders we are talking about.

According to him, for some countries, “to attack Russia for anything and everything has become a kind of sport.”

However, in this speech he did not specifically refer to the major issues to his opposition with Washington and the European Union.

The He did not say a word about the fate of Alexei Navalny’s opponentHe was imprisoned and died, according to his relatives, from the deployment of tens of thousands of Russian forces on the borders of Ukraine, and accusations of espionage and electoral interference in the United States or the recent scandal in which he was involved, according to Prague, military intelligence agents in the Czech Republic.

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