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Quebec Music Festival in Metaverse

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Since its inception, Seal OFF has been promoting the independent music community in Canada and who promotes it. In addition to presenting various musical performances, the festival is keen to create innovative activities that allow communication with the audience.

The event presented in February outperforms itself in terms of innovation this year by presenting a festival in Metaverse. Fully online, participants will be able to attend activities using their avatar.

Signature metaverse stamp OFF

We’ll go on air shows in the worlds we’ve builtPatrick Lappé, co-founder and general manager of Phoque OFF explains. The team imagined the theaters where the concerts would be broadcast. It will be shown on the big screen, as in the cinema.

Nowhere in Brooklyn developed the technology behind this virtual universe.

In this online world, the viewer is an avatar. The webcam image allows the participant to place their face on a tablet. Equipped with a microphone and speakers, festival-goers will be able to move from room to room to attend the shows.

Dan-Georges Mckenzie will present in the Seal OFF metaverse on February 23. (Archives)

Photo: Nomadic Music

As in a real theater, the closer the spectator is to the stage, the louder the sound. It is also possible to meet and chat with friends, preferably in the back of the room. It is literally a layer of virtual reality on top of real life.Says Patrick Lappe.

From face to face to virtual

From every crisis comes opportunity. The adage is starting to fade, but it still holds true for Seal OFF. We worked on a face-to-face version that we announced at noon on December 16th. We were told at 6pm, like everyone else, that this was not going to happen anymore. We had six great hours of existence The director remembers. Either we canceled or we made a transfer.

« In this period, it is absolutely necessary to find ways to create magic, the relationship that exists between humans in concerts. »

Quote from Patrick Lappé, Co-Founder and General Manager, Phoque OFF

The goal is to live the experience as close as possible to a real festival. Virtual rooms will be set up for you to chat with friends, as you would in person.

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The artist can also have a product schedule derived from the artist while showing his performance. With just a few clicks, festival-goers can make their purchases and receive them in the mail a few days later.

Malika Tyrolean.

Malika Tirolien is part of the 2020 program from Seal OFF, presented in the metaverse.

Photo: Yannis Davey

However, the musical performances will not be live. Technical reasons do not allow this. They will be picked up shortly before broadcast. We had two more months, we could have done it, adds the event’s co-founder.

music first

Over twenty artists will perform at Seal OFF 2022, including Les lunatiques, Erika Zarya, Charlotte Brousseau, Zouz, La Fever and Emilie Landry.

Since the show is pre-recorded, the artist can attend his own concert.

For ticket holders, shows will also be available on the Viméo platform, for a more traditional listening experience.

To enjoy the experience, it is recommended that you have a computer dating back to 2015 or later.

The Seal OFF will open the doors of the metaverse from February 21-25, 2022.

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