Racism in hockey: “We have to fight it unequivocally,” Luke Tardiff says

HC Kremenchuk forward Andri Denyskin imitated peeling and eating a banana in the direction of Jalen Smereck, who played for four years at the Arizona Coyotes branches, who plays for HC Donbass.

Deniskin has been removed from the game and is under investigation which could lead to disciplinary action from the league.

In an official statement, The new president of the International Hockey Federation (IIHF), Luke TardiffIt was very clear.

IIHF condemns in the strongest terms the actions of Andrei Deniskin. There is no place for such a racist and unsportsmanlike gesture in our sport and in society.

This is a direct attack on the ideals and values ​​of our sport, and we will ensure that all necessary investigations are conducted into ethical violations to ensure that such behavior is appropriately punished.

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After the investigation, the Ukrainian Hockey League will determine the penalty for Deniskin. The IIHF will then assess whether the punishment imposed is appropriate.

Luke Tardiff intends to be firm in this matter to prevent this type of incident from happening again.

There is not much [dans le hockey européen]But you shouldn’t let that get into the house. European football has been plagued by this because it was so permissive at first. There they lost control of the phenomenonHe added in an interview with Radio Canada.

Everything that pollutes sport: doping, racism, homophobia, betting on matches … We must fight that without ambiguity.

Quote from:Luke Tardive

Tampa Bay Lightning forward Matthew Joseph reacted strongly on Twitter and is hoping for a very severe penalty for Deniskin.

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He should never be allowed to play hockey again. I’m more than disgusting. It hurts to watch. I can’t wait to hear a comment.

According to some media outlets, Deniskin apologized on social media, but the post was apparently deleted.

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