Science Festival 2021

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A frequent and festive encounter in the district of Saint-Quentin, Science Festival It’s meetings, workshops, storytelling walks…and of course, the Science Village. Meet at La Commanderie on the weekend of October 9-10 To explore all sciences with family or friends.

A scientific village focused on meetings

Meet scientists and citizens in participatory science programs and of course, amateur science practice. Many topics are explored through workshops, demonstrations, games, meetings and exhibitions.

Thus you will discover topics such as tomorrow’s food, aroma chemistry, plants, robotics, programming, mineral observation, the sky, communication in nature …

  • This year in particular, La Commanderie hosts a A video game designed by CEATeam play and immersion in the quantum world. Can you solve the quantum prisoner?
  • It is also an opening Interpretation concept (perceptions) From research designed with INRAE.
  • You will also discover careers through all science professionals or science enthusiasts who share their passion. Science is ubiquitous in our environment and understanding it is essential today.
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