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Live Translated Annotation Access to Google Meet

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The Google Meet video conferencing tool is currently testing live subtitles from English to French, Spanish, Portuguese or German, another feature to break the language barrier.

A few weeks after that Zoom has announced the implementation of real-time text and voice translation In a handful of languages, it’s Google’s turn to embark on the instant translation of video calls.

The new software tool is intended to be a conversation facilitation tool that can be useful to students from abroad, or faculty abroad, for example.

Translated captions make Google Meet video calls more inclusive, inclusive, and effective by removing the language barrier to collaboration.

Quote from:Excerpt from the Google Meet press release

By helping users consume content in their preferred language, you can help equalize information sharing, learning and collaboration, and make your meetings as efficient as possible., a Google spokesperson added.

So far, captions have been rendered in only half a dozen languages ​​spoken on the video conferencing software, with no subtitle options.

function under test

To activate the translation, Internet users have to go to the settings, choose the English language, and then choose the desired language for the translation.

The feature is only in beta mode at the moment, and can only be enabled in meetings hosted by Google Workspace Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, and Teaching & Learning Upgrade accounts. Companies interested in the tool can try it out by placing an order on Google (A new window).

However, the tech giant has not specified when this feature will be expanded to all accounts and more languages.

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