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Radio Canada: Over $14,300 raised for youth so far

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This finding was revealed on Monday afternoon. Earlier today, the total was $12,100.

Manitoban supports Claude Forest’s demands and activities CJP For nearly 30 years, she has encouraged those affected by the case to unlock their wallets to reach the $40,000 goal by June 11.

Although he currently resides in British Columbia, Claude Forest continues to participate in CJP. The son of the late Manitoba’s great defender of French-speaking rights, George Forrest, asserts that he wishes to continue his father’s mission for a long time, because it is, he says. A matter of common love for our language and for the preservation of French in Manitoba.

Clause Forest, which has raised more than $65,000 for the Regional Youth Council over the past decades, invites all Francophones, Francophones, and “those who believe in the power of the French language” to make donations as part of the Mediathon.

Photo: Radio Canada

This year in particular, Mr Forrest called on individuals and companies to give more to the “Bien dans ma peau” project, which supports the mental health of young people.

According to him, although young too lit that in previous years, the pressure placed on them by the pandemic could hinder their mobilization. Claude Forest states that it is more difficult to assert yourself and prove your convictions because of confinement and isolation.

The CJP It has its roots in packing. To fill in and shine, you must feel good about yourself and have good mental health. So it is the most relevant program this year.

Quote from:Claude Forrest, Donator

Mr. Forrest invites all Francophones, Francophones and Those who believe in the power of the French language to encourage CJP by donation. Moreover, he remembers that the existence of the organization is made possible in part thanks to volunteers, management and donations made from generation to generation.

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Claude Forest states that young people need allies who sympathize with the French language and that all organizations with French speaking audiences are invited to give impetus to the cause.

A major donor for several decades

undisputed partner CJPClaude Forest has donated nearly $65,000 to the organization over the past 30 years, through sponsorships from his company, the George Forest Community Fund and other initiatives.

about CJP And Manitoba, Claude Forest confirms it It resonates with me: My family and friends are there, and it’s ingrained in my heart, even if I move around a lot. Manitoba remains my home and Saint Boniface my home. The CJP He knew how to see the luxury of culture by uniting all those who use the French language, he said.

Mediathon is an annual fundraising campaign powered by Radio Canada in Manitoba. This year it takes place from 1 to 11 June.

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