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Real estate project raises discontent in Old Montreal

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However, the green space in question is not an official garden: it is private land that has been owned by developers for several years.

The place, located near the first streets that were laid in Montreal after the city was founded, was leased to the Société de développement Commercial du Vieux-Montréal, which he installed with benches, tables, and flower beds.

“The Garden” might not be one, but it has a name: Pigeon Hole. Located a stone’s throw from Notre Dame Cathedral, it is particularly popular.

The noon hour, Monday through Friday, is full, full, we can’t even see the place because there are so many people. There are no other green spaces in the areaSays Oudayan Dutta who lives nearby.

It is used a lot by the community.

Mr. Dutta said he feared the architecture of the new buildings, which should contain more than 200 housing units, would be divided with the neighborhood.

For its part, the city cannot prevent the project, as it will move forward on private land, and adhere to the regulations in force. The Ministry of Culture and Communications must now give the green light so construction can begin, specifies Robert Beaudry, a municipal councilor in Projet Montréal, who is particularly responsible for real estate management and planning, as well as housing within the Executive Committee.

We will not vote for them, it is up to them to make that decision, but we have shared with them our main concerns and our main concerns, which also relate to the citizens., He says.

We agree, it changes the face of the angle.

Quote from:Robert Beaudry, Municipal Adviser, Member of Progate Montreal

The ball is in the ministry’s court, because the project will be located in a historic area.

The engineer wants to be reassured

Indeed, the trees have been removed from the site and reinstalled elsewhere, in the surrounding streets.

For his part, the project’s architect, Sergio Morales, wants to be reassured of the integration of the new buildings.

What we suggested is a few of two buildings; One runs along Notre Dame Street and the other along Avenue de L’Homme. And between the two, we managed to create a trench the size of our all around us. It is a vertical trench, a little narrow, very dense. One of the advantages of this way of doing things is that it opens up into impressive buildings., It is to explain.

According to Mr. Morales, the materials chosen are similar to those of the buildings in the neighborhood, as is the height of the new buildings.

Montreal would have missed the opportunity to officially turn the land into a park. Under Tremblay, the city actually owned the land, but in 2003 this land was replaced by another, which was also owned by a developer, but was located in the flood zone of the Borough of Pierrefonds.

With the exception of the intervention of the Ministry of Culture and Communications, the first land shovels must take place in June. Since the project was planned prior to the adoption of the municipal regulations on co-education, no social housing was included in the plans.

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