Record electricity consumption in sight

Hydro-Quebec said electricity consumption could exceed its historic peak on Friday and Saturday due to expected cooler temperatures in the county.

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“Extremely cold temperatures on a continuous basis for several days are testing buildings’ ability to retain heat, increasing heating demand,” the state-owned company said in a statement on Thursday.

Therefore, Quebecers are encouraged to reduce their electricity consumption throughout Friday and on Saturday mornings.

To do this, Hydro-Québec recommended reducing heating by one to two degrees Celsius, especially in unoccupied rooms, and deferring or reducing the use of major household appliances, especially the clothes dryer and dishwasher.

“Hydro-Québec understands that the current situation, due to the fact that many people are working from home, makes this process difficult for some, but it reminds us that every small gesture counts,” he said.

On Thursday, Environment Canada issued a severe cold alert for several regions in La Belle County.

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