Rene Ray is the French-speaking singer-songwriter of the year

She won this title thanks to her latest album, reality westthe second album in French of her long career as a songwriter.

I was really touched to be nominated, winning the award is unbelievablesays Renee Ray on the phone Sunday night, his first day off since the end of the Canadian Popular Music Award ceremony.

My French is getting better, but I wasn’t very good at French, so I’m still surprised to admit that I can write in French. Amazed, very touched. »

Quote from Rene Ray, singer and multi-instrumentalist

The singer plans to head to the music recording studio on Tuesday to work on her new project. Double album featuring English and French versions of each song.

For Reney Ray, creating music in both languages ​​is a new professional challenge.

French singer-songwriter Ontarian Rene Ray.

French singer-songwriter Ontarian Rene Ray.

Photography: the artist

Starting to acknowledge my work in French, it made me want to keep walking and show people what I can doSays Rene Ray.

Northern Ontario is very present in my life, even if I’m not there at the moment. I feel supported and encouraged in my projects. »

Quote from Rene Ray, singer and multi-instrumentalist

I haven’t had time to respond yet, but I got hundreds of messages from Ontario when I won the award, it touched me, I criedas you say.

Rainey Ray plans to record his double album over the next few months.

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