Employees on Earth Day

Earth Day will be a holiday for employees of Total Fabrication in Quebec, which it hopes other entrepreneurs will follow so that this symbolic gesture can have a real impact.

Environmental struggles have been somewhat forgotten for two years and people’s priorities have changed with the arrival of the pandemic. We want to update it, explains Anthony Poitras, General Manager of Total Fabrication, the manufacturer of PURE products.

Founded in 2005, the biodegradable household products company located in Saint-Alexandre-de-Kamouraska, in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region, has tried to lead by example in terms of environmental responsibility.

This year, on Earth Day, April 22, all of its employees were asked to stay home. The store and factory will also be closed, heating reduced and deliveries suspended.

the challenge

“For the company, one day a year is a small gesture. But every small gesture counts and, if taken from one extreme to the other, has a huge impact,” emphasizes Mr. Poitras.

With that in mind, the Managing Director of Total Fabrication challenges other Quebec entrepreneurs to follow suit and take an environmentally friendly approach to the occasion.

He explains that it is not necessarily about giving a day off for Earth Day, but rather about making a tangible gesture to reduce his environmental impact.

“We can see that the planet has been suffering for years. If we don’t wake up, it’s the next generations that will suffer,” pleads the 37-year-old who will soon become a father.

don’t slow down

Mr Poitras is also convinced that this holiday will not have a significant impact on the company’s production because everyone will “get their hands dirty to give more” in the previous weeks.

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If the project was proposed for the first time by the management of Total Fabrication, it is said to have been particularly well received by all the employees, who will take advantage of an extended vacation.

They will also take part in a short virtual training with Zero Waste expert, Florence Leah Siri, to improve their way of consuming.

In 2016, Total Fabrication became the first Canadian company to be awarded the Climate Compliance Certification by Ecocert, which highlights actions to combat greenhouse gases.

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