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Alan Binder
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It’s the cinema. However, this script could have been written for Quebec’s Minister of Education, Jean-Francois Roberg.

In the movie, Robert relies on his friends. In real life, a minister can count on one final support: that of François Legault. A former political advisor says it is extremely rare for a minister to accompany the prime minister’s office. Heavy artillery was already deployed there.

Before the holidays, Deputy Assistant Minister Francois Legault was sent to the Education Department. Alain San Cartier brought with him his assistant, Nicolas Mazelier.

Jean-Francois del Torchio, a close friend of the Prime Minister, has been handling communications for two weeks. Hubert Labrese, the former advisor to MP Catherine Fournier, will arrive in the coming days to write the minister’s speeches.

Add that Jean-Francois Ruberg himself contributed to this new beginning by changing his image; He now wears a beard. They say in his entourage it is his choice, and his wife loves him.

The fact remains that times are difficult for the Minister of Education, who is considered by the opposition parties as one of the weak links in the government.

He came to power as a Joe knowsSays one of the opposition members who rubbed the shoulders with him. He abolished school boards against all odds and imposed a 4-year-old kindergarten without much consultation with the community. Another elected official says he is narrow-minded, and has noticed that if he listens to the suggestions, he will rarely even think of them.

He also has a reputation of being lonely and doing little on a team. And this works against him.

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The former education minister says the pandemic has not helped him. With less contact with your partners, and less exposure in the media, it’s easy to assume your thoughts are the best.

The net result is that Minister Roberge now finds himself isolated. It has quietly but surely lost the support of many school administrators and teachers, especially parents. What hurts most is that parents are voters and only care about the success of their children.

The minister has gambled from all sides, and he acknowledged his problems in a long message he posted on Facebook last week, in which he made it clear that he did not have a shell, that the attacks were reaching him, and that he could make mistakes. ordinary man.

Air Purifiers and Academic Success

Minister Robberg is undergoing particular criticism for turning around badly for turns and choosing his priorities. His determination to make it difficult to install air purifiers in schools is a good example.

Why, explains one former minister again, why is he fighting so hard against the fears of so many parents? A sentiment shared by another former education minister: If he is unable to solve a fan issue, then what about a priority file like teaching? This program is slow to emerge in reality.

However, these two former ministers have a common note: the administrative machine in the Ministry of Education is particularly resistant to change. Someone said the best public servants are on the Finance and Treasury Board, where experience is essential.

He adds that in education, it is rather a Ideological experienceAnd these ideologists think they know everything.

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The march is high for a new minister who has no experience in government. He explains that you need to know how to be extremely receptive to other people’s ideas; Giving a clear direction and above all, showing that you have a vision that makes you dream.

No reshuffle

Jean-Francois Ruberg is an advocate from the start. François Legault never left, and it is clear that François Legault has no intention of abandoning him. There is no doubt that he occupies a position other than that of Minister of Education. It would also be risky to replace it at this time in the pandemic, not to mention that candidates who are able to take on this challenge are scarce or already busy.

However, the minister has to be proactive as we wonder behind the scenes whether the bridges between him and his network are irreparable.

Politics does not always smile at the reformists.

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