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Rock concerts at Stade Canac

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The Envol et Macadam Festival moves to Canac Stadium in September, and if the wish of one of the event’s promoters comes true, instrumentalists from Capitales de Québec will be sharing their homes with music stars from 2022.

“My dream is to do the Dropkick Murphys on the field,” says producer Karl-Emmanuel Picard, who is joining Envol et Macadam for the first time this year.

For three evenings, September 9-11, rock, punk, and hip-hop artists, mostly from Quebec (the full program will be revealed next week) will take to the stage set up on the hill of the baseball field.

at dawn 25NS On the anniversary, Envol et Macadam left Alot Fleuri, where he settled in 2008, having spent the best evenings in Limoilo for several years.

In the stands, we can seat 2,000 people, maybe more. “With the relaxations announced by the government on Monday, we may add more venues,” festival spokesman Francois O’Valenti said.

Envol et Macadam General Manager Simon Gaudry, and promoter Karl-Emmanuel Picard (District 7) unite to give concerts at Canac Stadium.

Photo courtesy Etienne Dion

After the agora, the stadium?

It could be different for next year. Carl Emmanuel Piccard, who has long dreamed of giving rock concerts in the Stade Canac, believes that it is possible to hold dozens of shows each summer featuring world-class artists, in front of crowds of 5,000 to 8,000 people.

As an option for outdoor performances, he believes the stadium could take over from the Agora in Quebec Port, which has been abandoned for several years after previously hosting stars such as Iron Maiden, Roger Waters and Green Day.

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“Imagine you are eating in a restaurant on St. Joseph Street, walking to the stadium, watching the show, and then finishing the evening in a bar in Limoelo? Mr. Picard is convinced that the idea of ​​playing in the old capitals stadium will appeal to many artists.

“When we send them the pictures, I think they will decide to come to Quebec just because we offer them to play on the field.”

open capitals

Even if during the normal summer the stadium is busy “almost 100%” with the activities of the Capitals and Diamonds, the Elite Junior League, and the Major Leagues, there are a few evenings and weekends available.

“Leasing our facilities in Envol et Macadam or another promoter is conceivable,” says Charles Demers, Capitals Managing Director, who is very open to these types of leases.

“It’s a listed theater with a beverage license, dining concessions, and an agreement with a beer company, and we have the staff needed to service this type of event. So, it’s easy to do.”

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