Sagweni police officers investigate after a party in Stoneham

The incident occurred when a group of about 20 people were partying in a lot near the couple.

According to the wife of the assaulted man, this was the second night that this group met for fun. The latter agreed to the secrets on the condition of anonymity to Radio Canada.

At about 11 p.m., the couple in charge of the Stoneham camp site, located near Quebec, asked the noise to stop. The owners of the place intervened to ask the group to stop their party, which was disturbing many campers. From this moment on, things were going to escalate.

Stoneham camp site, near Quebec.

Photo: Radio Canada

The camp owners were said to have been insulted by the group’s members. Realizing that they could not understand themselves, the victim repeated the owners’ requests for his property while raising his voice, which would not have satisfied the few revelers.

There’s one in the gang who got close, started insulting my partner, got close and kicked his car, says the abused man’s wife. He (his partner) pushed him to ask him to settle down, but all the others came and started hitting him. Someone caught him and others beat him. There were many of them. Go on forever. They took him to the tent. I was screaming, everyone was screaming to stop. I was in the tent and the tent was brewing. I was in shock, it was he who was being beaten outside. It’s a horror movie I’ve been through.

Police officers from the Quebec Company were called to the scene. The woman’s husband had a concussion and a perforated eardrum.

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Check SQ

Sagueni’s public security chief, Dennis Boucher, confirmed at a Thursday morning news conference that members of his organization were involved in the case, without revealing further details. There was no mention of the number of police officers targeted.

According to Sûreté du Québec, who is leading the investigation, some of the people who were at the party immediately showed themselves as Saguenay police officers and wouldn’t be very cooperative. Most of these people were drunk.

Dennis Boucher claims he was put into the juvenile scent at the start of the week.

The police chief refuses to specify how his police will be affected. We will let the work be done. It’s a file where there are a lot of people involved, and there are a lot of witnesses , He said.

At our level, we are waiting for the conclusions of the Sûreté du Québec to go further.

Quote from:Dennis Boucher, President of Saguenay Public Security

It is reported that the police targeted, Like all citizens, they have the right to be presumed innocent. Besides, they are still in business. If there are measures to be taken towards these police officers, it will be done, as is usually the case.Dennis Boucher said.

When the mayor of Sagueni, José Neron, was asked to respond, she reasserted her confidence in her police chief.

Quebec’s public security minister, Genevieve Gilbolt, declined to comment due to the ongoing investigation.

Not the first incident

In February, Saguenay police officers made headlines after participating in an illegal gathering in Saint-David-de-Falardeau, not far from the Alpine village’s Le Valinouët ski center. Subsequently, two police officers were suspended from work.

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According to the head of the Saguené Police Department, the Quebec Secretariat’s report on these events has been submitted to the Directorate of Criminal and Criminal Prosecutions.

With information from Flavi Villeneuve

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