Dispute at the Olmel factory: the union refuses to arbitrate

We prefer negotiation because we are convinced that a negotiated agreement in principle is still within our reach, and that is in a short time frame.Martin Morris, president of the federation, said in a statement.

This adds it The two are not far from each other. He assures us that union employees prefer to find a solution, rather than leave any decision in the hands of the arbitrator.

The next step, Minister Boulet will ask To the mediator he appointed to resolve this labor dispute, Jean Poirier, to carry out the mediation mission. The parties will meet again on Friday to try to reach an agreement, preferably before Sunday evening.

Earlier this week, Olemel’s management warned that it will roll out unless an agreement is reached The end of the evening shift, from Monday. This will result in the loss of 500 jobs.

Paul Beauchamp, Senior Vice President of Olympique, explained that reducing activities at the Vallée-Jonction plant was the only way for the company to continue operating in this context of tensions.

Judging was an outstretched hand. still time [de trouver une entente], but room to maneuver is limited.

Quote from:Jean Boulet, Minister of Labour

For his part, Paul Beauchamp said he was very disappointed with the union’s position. He asserts that if a way out of the crisis is not identified by the end of the week, employees will lose their jobs.

We don’t leave him

In Vallée-Jonction, near the factory, the striking workers are fully responsible for their decision to refuse arbitration.

Olmel must be reasonable. If it makes sense, we will. It is a game for two people. It’s time to get serious and there’s a chance to negotiate with us, Pierre Valley Promises.

It is up to us to make the decision, not to a man who is on the other side of the world. We don’t leave him, confirms Leopold Kleiman, while acknowledging the uncertainty of an agreement by Sunday.

Charlotte Tequitila shares their opinion. You also realize that the situation is difficult. I’m tired of staying home, we need to work to start over, and things are going well. This is what we want.

Jean-Noel Grenier, Professor in the Department of Industrial Relations at Université Laval, believes that arbitration would have been a good solution, since mid-August, Workers said no to 57% of the initial agreement submitted to them by their union.

It shows that there are very big internal disagreements, Confirms. He’s afraid of it The longer the conflict, the sharper the divisions between people.

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