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Great Interview: Tania La Pointe

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Tania Lapointe trusts her career with the Jhade Montpetit microphone.Photo: Radio Canada/Photo: Julie Mainville

At the dawn of the movie’s release Dune In North American cinemas, on October 22, the film’s co-producer Tania Lapointe talks about her career on Jhade Montpetit’s microphone.

Born in Hawkesbury, Tania Lapointe spent part of her childhood in Quebec. At the age of twelve, she moved to Ottawa on her own to study art at De La Salle Public High School. Passionate about dancing, she dreams of becoming a ballerina and choreographer.

Dance, Journalism and Film

However, she chose to give up dancing to study journalism at the University of Ottawa in 1995. I fell in love with journalism and realized it was an environment in which I had the same passion for dance., explains Tania Lapointe.

She worked as a journalist for Radio Canada, covering arts and culture until 2015. Then the reporter took a new turn: cinema.

Her husband, director Denis Villeneuve, invited her at that time to work on the shooting of his film. Blade Runner 2049.

« I felt like I wanted new experiences and I always had a passion for cinema. When Dennis [Villeneuve] He told me he was going to tour Hungary for seven months [pour] Blade Runner 2049That’s when I said to myself, “Let’s go.” »

Tania Lapointe, Director

In turn, she directed two documentaries, 50/50: The Documentary (2018) and Laforton on paper (2020), about the life of artist Claude Laforton, for whom she has just won the Gemini Award.

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Always driven by her passion for cinema, Tania Lapointe wants to continue to develop in this environment, although she does not close the door to other projects.

I don’t turn down opportunities when they talk to me deep inside, […] But at the moment, we have a big project called DuneAnd that takes up all of our time! Conclude with a laugh.

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