Samsung formalizes its new M8 smart display

Samsung launched its new Smart Monitor M8, 32 inch, 4K resolution and many original features and services.

If there’s anything really smart about Apple’s product designs, it’s that they’re designed to work well together. Thus, in the room, the whole is very pleasing to the eye and very harmonious. This is especially true with the latest Studio Display, which looks right at home next to Mac Studio or MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. Samsung reveal New alternative solution.

Samsung launches its new Smart Monitor M8

The problem, unfortunately, with Apple brand products is that they are rather expensive. The studio offer is no exception, it is available from 1,749 euros. If you like the aesthetics that Cupertino offers, but don’t want to overpay, Samsung’s new Smart Monitor M8 might be interesting. In fact, it must be admitted that its design is very successful.

32 inches, 4K and lots of original features and services

These monitors were initially announced during CES 2022. Today, they are finally available for sale for $730, which is quite reasonable when you know the beast’s characteristics. This screen offers a diagonal of 32 inches, which is larger than a studio screen, and 4K resolution, and less than the 5K that a studio monitor offers, but if 4K is more than enough for you, this shouldn’t be a problem.

As its name suggests, this is a smart display. Understand that the product has very interesting external features such as the ability to watch Netflix Locally, even if you don’t have a device connected to it. Other streaming services are supported, like some apps – Google Docs, for example – and there’s also AirPlay 2. The screen is also HDR10+ compatible and has a USB-C interface. It even supports digital voice assistants like Bixby or Amazon Alexa.

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